Overcast : Moving Forward.

Welcome Back!

Hello fellow heroes,

We wanted to start off by thanking you for your continued support over the years. It has been quite an amazing ride. I am going to cut to the chase with this. While my love for the game and community of Overwatch still burns bright, I am no longer in a place where I can continue to produce quality content for the show. Because of this, I have decided to place Overcast on indefinite hiatus. I recently started a job, and then that was followed up by an even better offer which I accepted, but comes with much longer hours and something had to give, sadly, it was Overcast.

I would love to see the show continue if someone would like to pick up to project and keep it running. If you are interested,
please contact me. You can send an email to AskOvercast@gmail.com if you want to discuss more.

Again, thank you so much. Your support of this show over the years has opened many doors, and been an exciting run. Please keep on that payload, until next time.


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